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Napa is the location for a dreamlike destination wedding – This is the perfect place for a romantic wedding. If nothing else, bad weather is rare in Napa Valley. Every bride wants to look back on her wedding day and remember each wonderful moment, from the setting to friends and family. In Napa, you can have a dream destination wedding, honeymoon and a lavished vacation for guests — all in one!  A Napa Wedding provides couples with any and all wedding options from grand and extravagant weddings to small and intimate settings. There are also endless venues to choose from that will provide you with any type of backdrop you can imagine for your dream wedding. Picture walking in a winery, holding hands and looking out to the majestic and endless vineyards. It’s not going to get much better than that, as Napa brings out the best in everything.  If done with a solid budget in mind, a destination wedding to Napa may save money in comparison to a larger and more traditional wedding. When choosing the spot for your destination wedding, think Napa, as you will be hard pressed to find all that it has to offer in one place!Napa Wedding Guide

Napa Wedding FAQs

Napa Wedding and Reception Venues

Weddings and receptions can be held at number of venues in Napa. 

Napa has a large number of wineries and vineyards.  Wineries are fun wedding venues, but very few are actually approved for weddings as opposed to “events”.

There are a large number of Resorts and Hotels, as well as restaurants, that will host weddings and receptions in Napa. Resorts and Hotels often have wedding planners to make your dream wedding a reality, but with a lot less stress. Many Resorts and Hotels also offer amenities and packages, such as room discounts for guests and spa treatment facilities. 

Private Villas are another popular venue for weddings and receptions. Villas can range in location, size. luxury and price.

Napa has a number of church venues available for weddings, as well.

Napa also has some truly unique venues, such as getting married on a ranch.

Consider a wedding at a resort, hotel, villa or church, and the reception at a winery.


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