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Livermore Valley has many wineries to chose from, large to small, boutique to commercial, and everything in between. It is a good idea to pick a few target wineries to visit for your Livermore Wine Tasting excursion. Confirm which of them may require appointments. Schedule your appointments well in advance.  You may be able add a few as you taste.

Livermore Wine Tasting Ideas


Tasting Styles

There are a numbers of tasting styles to be enjoyed for your wine tasting in Livermore Wine Coutry:

Wine Bar Tasting

The most common form of wine tasting is at a Wine Bar. These venues are usually drop-in, with no appointment required. A selection of wines are available for a fee, and often a primum version of the selection is available.

Table Tasting

There are number of versions of table tasting. The most common form is to have a number of glasses and a menu placed in front of each person at your table. There will be a host that brings a selection of wines. Table Tastings are usually by appointment.

Barrel Tasting

Barrel Tasting is, just as it sounds, tasting from barrels. The host uses as a “wine thief,” a siphon, to take samples from a barrel. Often, the wines sold at a barrel tasting are “futures” so any wines you purchase will be shipped later. Barrel Tastings are often mixed with another form of wine tasting. Barrel Tastings are usually by appointment.

Getting Around

Transportation for the Livermore wine tour can include limousines, private cars, or the wine trolley. If you are using a limousine, go over the schedule with the driver in advance. Of course, if driving in a private car, at least one person is going to have to the designated driver.

It is a good idea to bring some light food to eat in-between the tastings, such as bread, cheese, salami, and the like. Brings lots of water! Limousines always have water.

It is not a good idea to store wine in the trunk of a car on hot days. Limousines usually leave the air conditioning on while you are tasting, so the wine will be ok during the day as you buy and taste.

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